Burnham Boiler Reviews


Burnham Boiler Alpine Review

This model comes in as Burnham’s most efficient boiler model at 91-92% AFUE. A very high efficiency boiler with a compact design. Unique technology that incorporates system monitoring to maximize efficiency by changing inputs and outputs based upon the heating demand. A great parts and labor 5yr warranty plan with the option to upgrade to a 10yr plan. Can be used for lp or natural gas and purchased in 7 different boilers sizes. Also equipped with a nice LCD read out and outdoor temperature sensing capabilities. This boiler is equipped for the harshest conditions to provide the most comfortable home. Rest assured with the stainless steel heat exchanger and extended warranty that your investment will be around for many years to come.


Burnham Boiler ESC Review

The ESC Boiler is rate at 85% AFUE. It is powered with a tried and true cast iron heat exchanger for many decades of heating operation.  It is controlled by a IQ control system that continuously monitors boiler peformance with the option of adding extra features if demanded. Capable of power or direct venting, for use with lp or natural gas and a fully functional lcd display screen. The ESC Burham Boiler is backed with the same 5yr warranty with the optional 10yr upgrade. The boiler is packaged in a very appealing insulated case that gives the boiler a automotive feel to it. In sum, this boiler is the perfect balance between efficiency and modern technology. With very high efficiency ratings yet traditional construction you can reap the benefits of a super efficient boiler but the durability of a tried and true cast iron heat exchanger.


Burnham Boiler ES2 Review

The ES2 Boiler is rated at 85% AFUE. This boiler is specifically manufactured as a replacement for those homes that must use a chimney for venting. Thus the boiler pushes the allowable condesning limits with use of a chimney so that the consumer can maximize fuel use without have to reconfigure their heating system pluming or venting setup. Another great benefit to this boiler is it’s energy star rating, which qualifies it for many of the tax rebates and incentives. Additionally  this boiler is stabilized with a heavy duty cast iron heat exchanger and cast iron base. This proves for years of stability and durability so you can live worry free. To sweeten the pot even further Burhams has backed this boiler with a limited lifetime warranty. This speaks volumes for the life expectancy of this particular model. Remember the boilers of old that lasted 30+ years? That is exactly the plan with this model. Note: 5yr and 10yr parts and labor warranty options are available.


Burnham Boiler Series 3 Review

Burnham Series 3 boiler is rated at 84% AFUE. It is designed to take advantage of the benefits and features like the ES2. The primary benefits it has inherited are the same traditional heat exchanger, IQ contoller and heavy duty insulated case with cast iron base. Ideal for chimney vented homes thus providing an easy pull out / swap in installation, thus savings you thousands in installation costs. The boiler has optional 5/10yr parts and labor warranties, but comes standards with a limited lifetime warranty. The Series 3 is equipped with a advanced control and lcd system to maximize efficiency, comfort and longevity.


Burnham Boiler Series 2 Review

The Series 2 Boiler has been a staple in the boiler and hydronic heating industry for years. Setting a standard for simple design yet superior functionality this boiler  was built to last. The frame work and design are simple, yet reliable as any boiler ever made. This boiler is a solid investment if your looking for efficiency and long term reliability  As with some of the other models mentioned, this boiler is for use with a chimney vent application. (saving $ installation) Packaged in a clean looking and durable, insulated steel casing to brighten up any mechanical room. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty with labor and parts upgrades available.


Burnham Boiler PVG Review

The PVG Boiler is a gas operated boiler that is designed for  side wall and power venting options. This model is equipped with a induced draft blower motor which yields great installation flexibility. At 85% AFUE and built in various sizes form 70k btu/h to 280k btu/hr this model will handle almost any application. Although the production is now limited and available in only specific areas (consult your contractor)  Backed with a lifetime limited warranty and warranty upgrades available. You can also feel proud in support your countrymen as this heat exchanger is built in the US with pride. Technologically speaking this boiler is equipped with a Intelligent Hydronic Controller that squeezes every penny out of your gas usage and interfaces to a fully functional lcd display screen.

Closing Thoughts

As you one can see, Burnham has a wide selection of gas fired boilers in production. I hope my Burnahm Boiler Reviews will assist in your purchasing decision and shed some light on the various models that Burnham has to offer. Although it’s pretty clear any model is a safe bet with Burnham. One final note of caution: Please ensure you use a certified and reputable contractor as your boiler efficiency and longevity with closely mirror the quality of original installation. Please post any questions, comments or concerns and I will address them accordingly.