Commercial Boiler System Installs & Maintenance

commercial boi


D&D HVAC offers installation of and scheduled maintenance for commercial and residential heating systems within a 50 mile radius of Hornell, NY. The picture above is a series of fuel oil boilers which service a large complex of offices. With our routine maintenance schedules efficiency is maintained and equipment longevity prolonged. Additionally, a maintenance schedule can prevent untimely breakdowns and unwarranted service calls. Call us today to see how D&D HVAC can serve your business or home today!

Commercial Water Heater: Tankless Hot Water

commercial hot watertankless water heater


As seen in the pictures above, this tankless water heater is UL listed for commercial applications and built to supply an endless amount of hot water for your home or business. At 95% efficient, this unit made by Navien is sure to save you $ on your water heating bill. In this particular application this unit is used to supply a commercial dishwashing station with a large demand of hot water it desperately needs in peak use. Prior to this install the kitchen would routinely run out of hot water, despite the fact that they had a 80 gallon, indirect, boiler fired hot water tank! Now they enjoy the benefits of fuel savings and endless hot water! D&D HVAC installs this equipment in residential or commercial applications. Call today for a estimate on your tankless water heater!

Water Conditioning: Water Softeners, Filters, Pumps, Tanks


As seen in the picture, D&D HVAC offers a full line of water conditioning systems. We sale, service and install equipment for water treatment such as pumps, expansion tanks, whole house filters, water softeners, UV lights and more! City water or on a well we can help. The project in this picture was unique in that the water well feeding this house was located 150′ uphill and over 1/2 mile away! Thus we had to calculate house pressure based upon the elevation difference and pressure drop for the  given pipe size and distance of run. Despite the distance between the well and this home the incoming water was 70 psi, hence the pressure reducing valve on the incoming line. If your unsure of your present water condition(s) call us today for a free water sample! (607)382-8536. We offer water conditioning solutions for any manner of water treatment and conditioning problems: hardness, rust, odor, taste, sediment, staining and more!

Weil Mclain 96% Modulating Boiler with Radiant Heat & Indirect Hot Water Tank

weil mclane boiler

As seen in the picture above this system is a 96% efficient, modulating, LP gas boiler with and partnered with a 40 gal Weil Mclain indirect hot water tank. This system was designed with 5 zones of heating (a combination of in floor radiant heat, baseboard and hydronic coil air handlers) and 1 zone for the indirect hot water tank. The beauty of a indirect tank such as this is the efficient savings of an indirect. With an indirect tank there are no other gas valves, vents or controls to maintain. A indirect hot water tank is simply an insulated tank, often backed with a lifetime warranty! An indirect hot water tank will hold temperature to within 1*F all day; unlike a traditional hot water tank which cycles on and off multiple times while your away at work!

In floor radiant heat: Ultimate comfort and efficiency

radiant floor heat

This project was a 2 story barn style home with 3.5 baths. As seen in the picture this project did not have a basement, the home was all on slab with radiant heating. The 2nd story had a combination of in floor radiant heat with smaller bedroom zones of baseboard heat. Radiant heat is an excellent source of heat for homes in Western NY. Radiant heat allows a homeowner to comfortably and efficiently heat their home with as little as 95* F water! Radiant heat is a completely different “feel” of heat, very different from convective and conductive heat sources. Many would assimilate radiant floor heat to standing in the sunlight on a cool day. Couple a high efficiency 96% condensing boiler with radiant heat and you have a recipe for incredible savings.

Reznor Heater: Garage or Shop Heater

reznor heater for shop or garage

This ceiling mounted shop heater is a perfect solution for economically heating a garage or work shop. Reznor makes them in various sizes to suit many applications. This gas heater is Power vented with thermostatic controls designed for quickly warming up a space. A great solution for residential or commercial heating needs.

Cider Creek Hard Cider Project

commercial chiller system

For Cider Creak Hard Cider we installed 3 large stainless steel storage tanks. These tanks were conditioned by a chiller system with independent zoning controls. The system is tied together with a pipe manifold regulated by zone valves and controlled by a chiller system control box. The tanks operated are individually controlled and monitored by the control box and the outdoor condensing/chiller unit. This type of setup is very common for wineries, breweries or hard cider distributors. Cider Creek Hard Cider is located outside Canisteo, NY with exceptional products that are being distributed as far as NYC and Boston! This was a very fun project for D&D HVAC to be a part of and we look forward to the future expansion projects.

Hydronic Heating: High Efficienty Boiler Installation


boiler manifold

A 7 zone hydronic heating system independently controlled with zone valves. This hydronic heating system is powered by a Weil McLain high efficiency boiler, coupled with a lifetime warranty 40 gallon indirect hot water tank. Pumps and zone valves work in unison for individual zoning. Additionally this system utilizes an outdoor sensor that allows the heating system to automatically adjust to outdoor conditions and indoor heat loads. This system is protected by a 15 yr  heat exchanger warranty and a 5 yr parts / 2 yr labor warranty as well. At 96% efficient and modulating boiler technology that automatically regulates based on changing outdoor conditions this system has been a great investment for this home owner!

Multi System Installation: Foreced Air Gas Furnace and Air Conditioning


air conditioning

This forced air gas furnace system along with air conditioning was retrofitted into a commercial building. We removed the antiquated, inefficient steam heating system and replaced with new 96% efficient, modulating gas furnaces. This project enabled the business to save considerably on their heating and air conditioning utility bills.

Custom bathroom shower and claw foot tub





This project was a recent 2nd floor bathroom addition. We plumbed in a washer/dryer, toilet, dual lavatory, custom shower and free standing claw foot bubble tub. This was one of many plumbing projects that D&D HVAC has completed in the Hornell, NY area. With the growing demand for full body showers we have the experience and expertise to design and install the plumbing and hot water supply equipment to make your dream shower!